Earth Day Kids Yoga

Celebrate earth day with Kids Yoga.

Every year on 22nd April, people from all around the world celebrate and discuss Earth Day. A great way to celebrate and honor this day is by doing kids yoga poses. 

Earth day provides a great oppportunity to recognise what the earth provides us, from the ocean, the waves, the animals to mountains, the sky, the sun and the moon. 

It’s great opportunity to discuss with your kids how we can be kind to the earth. Reduce – Recycle – Reuse.  From ensuring we reuse, newspapers, yogurt containers, egg cartons. Conserving water and reusing when we can. Reuse containers for snacks. Turning lights of when not needed, eg leaving the rooms. 

Throw some relaxing music on and do the below sun salute. 🙂 

Earth Day Kids Sun Salute

Stretch up High, wave to the sky 

(Start by standing in mountain pose, reach arms up and wave)

Hang down low, feel the earth between your toes. 

(forward fold, reaching down for your toes) 

Feet jump back, into the grass 

(place your hands down – (bend your knees if you need to) – and jump or step back to plank and take a big breath in.

Belly on the ground, hug the earth now. 

(Bending at the elbows, lower your body down to the ground) 

Look up to the stars, in cobra pose.

(Ensure your hands are under your shoulders. Press into your palms and begin to lift your upper body gently)

Now look back at the plants – in downward dog. 

And Breathe and Breathe. 

(knees under hips, curl the toes under and lift your hips up into downward dog)

Feet jump up, into the river. 

(Jump your feet up, like into a frog squat.)

Hang down low, pick up a stone

(Straighten the legs, forward fold and reach down to your toes while pretending to pick up a stone)

Stretch up high, wave to the stars. 

(Come up to stand, reach both arms up over your head)

Now mountain pose

(Hands beside you, stand up nice and tall – And breathe and breath. Repeat from the beginning 2x for a lovely warm up. 

Earth Day Yoga Story

Flower Breath – Come sit down and sit up nice and straight. Lean forward and pick some flowers. Think about what type of flower you picked up? what colour is it?. Now I want you to inhale the sweet smell of the flower slowly, then breathe out slowly. Do this 2x to 5x. 

Warm up – Pretend to be big waves with our arms, little waves. Next use our shoulders to pretend be waves. Try with our legs. 

Hang down low, feel the earth between your toes. 

(forward fold, reaching down for your toes) 

Earth Sun Dance – See above or go check out our youtube channel to view and dance with us.

Earth Day Story Theme 

(take a deep breath in and out for each pose)

We are going to start as a seed. (childs pose) We are slowly be watered and have the sun shine bright down on us (Can have a parent lightly tap your back and shoulders and head while in childs pose) We are going to slowly grow into a Tree. 

We come up from childs pose to hero’s pose. Slowly come up into Rag doll pose. Then up into Tree pose. 

This lesson was done with my daughters and can be found on the youtube website or on facebook with the link below. 🙂 Its roughly 15 minutes long.


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