Childrens Yoga and Mindfulness. Located Brisbane Northside

Kids yoga and mindfulness in Brisbane Northside – Introducing the foundations of yoga and mindfulness to children, for happy, calm, focused, connected and self confident kids. Using exciting stories, games and songs and breathing, and positive affirmations. 

Why Kids Yoga?

Children that practise yoga regularly have found a number of benefits.

  • Boosts confidence and self esteem 
  • Develop awareness of self and others
  • Strengthen the body and mind
  • Improve co-ordination, flexibility and balance 
  • Decrease stress and anxiety and increase attention
  • Yoga, stories and games encourages mindfulness 
  • Yoga compliments children who play sports with flexibility and stretching 
  • Non Competitive 
  • Its Fun!!

Yoga means 'to unite' To connect the body and the mind together through breath and asanas (yoga poses)

Is your child struggling with their emotions? Are they stressed? anxious? Would you like them to learn the tools and skills to build a positive mindset and confidence. 

Kids yoga is non traditional and classes are designed for children who learn through play, with age appropriate games, songs, stories and activities to keep children engaged. Give kids the tools to feel happier, calmer and peaceful.

Deep slow breaths through kids yoga and mindfulness relaxes the body and mind helping to calm the nervous system.  

Kids Yoga and wellbeing benefits kids physically, mentally and emotionally as well. 

Singing and Kids sun salute – Here is an example of a kids sun salute – Sergeant Salutation is an fun, engaging, warm up for young kids. 

Yoga for kids to learn the tools for calm, mindfulness, focus, self confidence, compassion and generosity. 

Yoga & Mindfulness in Schools

Bring Mindfulness and Yoga into the classrooms. Perfect for Prep through to Grade 6. 

Students will learn techniques to help manage stress through breathing, awareness, guided mediation and healthy movement. 

Yoga poses can help improve posture – from sitting at desks all day. Particularly the core muscles and improve spinal alignment. 

Stretching improves balance, coordination and flexibility which is why kids yoga is a great compliment to students who play sports. 

kids yoga gruffalo

Yoga in Kindys and Daycare Centres

Kids yoga program for kids at kindy’s and daycare centres. We shake our crazies out, hop like a bunny, jump like a frog, hiss like a snake, roar like a lion, fly like a bird.
We practise deep breathing using props like pom poms, straws and bubbles. We sing nursery rhymes while doing yoga poses. We use props and visuals including books

Yoga is weaved through fun stories and adventures, songs and games.

After school classes

Our after-school programs are designed to be an easy and fun introduction to yoga and mindfulness. Classes are themed and has the following elements. Focus, warm up, breath work, yoga poses, and Savasana (Resting – guided meditiation). This non-traditional yoga class will take your child on a different adventure or themes while doing yoga poses along the way. Some classes will include a mindfulness craft and yoga games and partner poses that will challenge your child, with focus, balance, co-ordination and team work.

Corinna doing warrior pose


Azaria offers workshops that are engaging and fun, longer than a normal class. Classes will be on the weekend or in school holidays. Which combines, yoga poses, music, mindfulness, games and partner poses, craft, positive affirmation and guided relaxations. Classes are themed. 

Private and Birthday parties


‘Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning’  – Daine Akerman.