Kids Yoga & Mindfulness School Program

Kids yoga and mindfulness is the perfect addition to the school curriculum to introduce the foundations of yoga for a positive mindset

Are the kids restless?



Do they need a quick brain break?

Not listening or engaging in classroom?

Yoga and wellbeing can help students develop self-regulation, mind-body awareness and physical fitness. Classes focus on giving students the tools to reduce stress in their lives, promote positive thinking and positive body image.

We have various themes ranging from gratitude, friendships, emotions and mindset, confidence and many, many more we are flexible and can tailor themes or stories to your school.

Our School yoga incursion programs can cater for weekly classes 30min – 1hr or longer workshops range depending on what your school requires. 

Kids yoga and mindfulness school program

How kids yoga would be the perfect addition to the school curriculum

Breathing & Mindfulness

Kids are introduced to basic breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques. These tools help children manage stress, anxiety, and emotions in a healthy way, fostering emotional resilience

Social Interaction

Group kids' yoga classes provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers in a positive, non-competitive environment. This can improve social skills and self-confidence

Stress Reduction

Children in schools today often experience stress due to academic pressures, social challenges, and extracurricular activities. Kids' yoga can teach them effective stress management techniques, such as deep breathing and mindfulness, which can improve their overall well-being and academic performance.

Improved Concentration and Focus

Yoga helps children develop concentration and focus, essential skills for learning and academic success. When students can pay better attention in class, they are more likely to comprehend and retain information.

Physical Health

Regular yoga practice improves physical fitness, flexibility, and posture. This can lead to better health outcomes for students, reducing the risk of obesity and related health issues.

Emotional Regulation

Yoga teaches children how to recognize and manage their emotions. This emotional intelligence can lead to healthier interpersonal relationships and a more positive classroom atmosphere.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

As students achieve physical milestones in yoga and gain confidence in their abilities, their self-esteem can improve. A positive self-image can lead to greater self-confidence and positively impact their overall self-perception

Positive Behaviour

Kids' yoga can help reduce behavioural issues in the classroom by promoting self-control and emotional regulation. When children are calmer and more focused, they are less likely to engage in disruptive behaviour and increase self control


Yoga is accessible to children of all abilities and fitness levels. It can be adapted to accommodate students with special needs, making it an inclusive activity for all.

Life-Long Skills

Yoga equips children with valuable life skills, including stress management, mindfulness, and physical fitness, which they can carry with them into adulthood.

Create A More Nurturing & Positive Learning Environment

Let’s help the kids be calmer, more focussed, and self confident

Overall, kids’ yoga and mindfulness in schools can create a more nurturing, positive, and productive learning environment.

It provides students with tools to manage stress, build healthy habits, and develop life skills that can benefit them not only academically but also throughout their lives.

Incorporating yoga into schools can create a more holistic and nurturing educational experience. It provides students with tools to manage stress, build healthy habits, and develop essential life skills that can benefit them academically and throughout their lives.

Yoga poses and breathing techniques are weaved through fun stories/themes, games and songs. We learn breathing techniques through fun and engaging ways.

We use and encourage positive affirmations and guided meditations to encourage mindfulness and build positive self image.

We will learn fun breathing activities, mindful activities, yoga poses through engaging stories/music.

Bring the joy and mindfulness of yoga into your school as an incursion, OSHC, Jabiru or as and addition to afterschool program in your hall/room or school holiday program.

Our Kids yoga wellbeing Programs include;

Yoga For Schools Pricing

Option 1

Prices start from $90 per hour for incursions for before or Afterschool programs eg OSCH/Jabiru or incursion during school hours in the classroom.

Option 2

Parents pay – 6 week program incursion $35

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