Kids Yoga and mindfulness Membership online

Are your kids anxious? can't relax? Do you want your child to be confident and resilient? Then why not become a member! 24/7 access full of kids yoga and mindfulness

Special Introductory price just $2.99 on sign up and then only $4.99 per month!

Only available until midnight March 31st, 2022.

Regular price $9.99 begins 1st April 2022

What is Panda Kids Club?

The Panda Kids club monthly membership is a unique subscription for children aged 2 to 13 years old.

The panda kids club is a fun and easy way to bring yoga and mindfulness resources to children to learn life-skills that many  parents want their children to learn – strength, balance, self-confidence and mindfulness, in the comfort of your own home.

Access 24/7 – whether it’s day or night, school night or holidays, whether you have one child at home or six!

No prior knowledge of yoga or mindfulness-based practice is required – your kids can be calmer, and physically active from the very start.  

Who is this for:

  • Families that would like to bring yoga and mindfulness into the home for their children and into there every day routines, to help raise happy, healthy and resilient children.
  • Families that would like children using less screen time and kids to get up and move more.
  • Families that would like their kids to have a little calm, relaxation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Resources for mindfulness activities for kids.

What will kids learn in the online membership:

  • Yoga poses – Stories/themes/sequences/warms ups/partner poses for siblings/or parent and child
  • Relaxations and guided meditations 
  • Breathing and mindfulness activities
  • Mindfulness activities 

Benefits Include:

Online Content – Live sessions, Recordings and On-Demand Videos

  • Perfect for kids from 2 to 12ish years old. A mixture of live, and pre-recorded sessions which are available to you on demand.
  • Our mixture of stories, short or long yoga flow sequences, mindfulness, breathing activities are based on children’s interests to keep them engaged!
  • Videos are for learning and growing so here you will find videos to do yoga and mindfulness as well as videos that children can do right from home.
  • Join us for monthly lives that are recorded and uploaded

Downloadable Mindfulness Resources, Worksheets & Activities

  • Breathing techniques, yoga poses, mindfulness activities, mantras & mudras, games and scripted guided visualization.
  • Lower everyone’s stress right in your own home, with our online mindfulness activities.  Download the files to your mobile device, and play anywhere, anytime for your children. Or print out activities from crosswords, colouring in to word searches.
  • Great activities during unforeseen lockdowns, extended trips to grandma’s house, or any boring situation! 

Easy-to-follow Instructions and Breakdowns of Techniques

  • Step by step instructions to make your life simple. Just follow directions
  • Yoga Pose Pages that describe each yoga pose in a simple and easy to follow format with traditional and kid-friendly pose names with accompanying the photo.

Stay fresh with our monthly themes ranging from mindfulness, kindness, Positive affirmations, gratitude, balance, short stories for the young kinds eg going on a bear hunt, the very hungry caterpillar, Seasonal,  Halloween, Christmas, Easter and much more.

Cancel anytime, but unfortunately we do not offer refunds or pro-rata memberships on unused time.

10% Discount on Private Bookings

Having a party or special gathering?  Why not try Yoga as a great and fun way to calm your kids down! With fun games and activities. 

Priority Bookings

Members will hear about all our new classes in advance, giving you the chance to book early, and avoid disappointment.