Animal Tracing Cards


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This Animal themed finger tracing printable pack: It’s an fantastic tool that will support your child’s mental well-being.

This is a great resource for helping children calm down and regain focus – especially at the start of a new school year. This resource can be effective for stress management, is perfect for calm down corners and suitable for classrooms, and kindys. It is great for children with behavioral needs who need help regulating emotions, and staying calm in difficult situations, and can assist with managing stress.

It will improve your child’s focus, concentration, and attention span.

What’s Included?

17 pages: with our collection of 17 designed page-size calming cards. Each card offers a unique line drawing that the learner can trace with their finger while focusing on their breathing. These cards are perfect for teaching self-regulation and can be used in various situations to help learners to slow down their breathing and focus in on the current moment.

Simply print on stock card, or print and laminate or even turn it into a mini calming book.