Yoga & Mindfulness in schools

Mindfulness, wellbeing & Yoga in Schools

Yoga brings together mind, body and breath to bring peace and balance within and can be the perfect addition to the school curriculum. Helps calm the mind and emotions and strengthen the body. 

Classes focus on giving students the tools to reduce stress in their lives, promote positive thinking and positive body image.


Mindfulness and yoga provides lifelong tools for practising compassion, generosity, focus, strength, respect, resilience, team work and self regulation.

In today’s world, students have an increased workload and focus on academics can cause stress and body tension. Practising Yoga, and mindfulness can focus your child’s mind, and set them on a path to wellbeing and better mental health.

Yoga is proven to increase kids mindfulness and yoga is fun and imaginative. Bring the joy and mindfulness to the school in classrooms, it is a great way for children to learn how to reduce stress, improve concentration, build resilience and flexibility and strength, especially core. Using yoga poses and breathing techniques are weaved through fun stories/themes, games and songs. We learn breathing techniques through fun and engaging ways.

We use and encourage positive affirmations and guided meditations to encourage mindfulness and build positive self image.

Yoga for Classrooms

Why mindfulness & Yoga?

Encourages a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Promotes the students and others health & wellbeing. Provides techniques and opportunities that promote a positive relations within themselves and towards others. Enhance their own & others self concept and self esteem & develop skills for creating & maintaining positive interactions & relationships. 

Yoga also helps with improving posture, build core muscles and improve spinal alignment, which will help children to better concentrate, be able to sit comfortably and correctly to help with learning and paying attention. Co-ordination and flexibility will be improved which is why it’s a great compliment to kids playing sports. 


  • Yoga and mindfulness for classrooms and schools meets national standards for health and fitness education
  • Yoga supports social and emotional learning 
kids yoga fun

School aged children love playing yoga games and doing partner poses

The benefits are that it builds positive relationships and trust with other students. Heightened self awareness in poses and partners, building respect for partners and there emotions and caring, team work, communication – verbal and non verbal.


kids yoga pose cobra

Pricing and classes

Option 1: Classes for incursions $15 for 6 classes per child, per week (parent paying – 30 minutes)

Or Option 2 ongoing for more than 1 class, same day. Back to back (30 mins)

Hourly rate $40 (school paying)