Indoor Teepee Slumber Party Hire

Planning a sleep over? What a great way to celebrate a birthday party, girls night in, or even halloween, with a indoor teepee slumber party.

Packages to suit boys or girls with any party or occasion. Great fun for a hens party or girls night in.  Perfect for kids from 5 years old and older, they sure will be a hit. 

Bringing friends or your kids friends together on a summer evening or snuggle up for winter, to create wonderful childhood memories for years to come.  Hosting a slumber party is easy and simple.

Our Standard packages start from $150 for 4x themed teepee tents. Or chill out with your bestie with our BFF Package for only $80

Themed packages comes with your choice of

  • 4x Tents with your theme
  • 4x air mattress or 4x foam mattress
  • 4x Breakfast tables
  • 4x lanterns with battery operated tea light.
  • 4x Tent naming chalkboard.
  • Matching bunting/decor and
  • 4-8x cushions for theme. (this will differ depending on theme)

All rentals include delivery, set up/styling, take down and laundering of linens

* Please note Styles and pictures may vary due to availability.

Teepee Themes and packages


BFF Theme

BFF package.

This is the perfect package to invite your best friend over. Your choice of any theme, from mystical mermaids, unicorns. See below for types (Pic of woodland theme)

Mystical mermaids Theme

Life under the sea is better. 

A perfect place where mystical mermaids come alive. Your little mermaids will love this cute mermaid and under the sea inspired theme tent fabrics

Unicorn Wonderland Theme

A place where imaginations can run free, unicorns and rainbows visit in your dreams. For every believer of unicorns. Styled brightly with pink/whites and rainbows. 

Adventure themes

Woodland Theme

Have a night in the wild. Featuring cute woodland creatures, bears, foxes and deer. Tents alternating. 

Arctic Forest Theme

Bring excitement to the party with this tent theme featuring polar bears, trees and snowy footprints on a light blue background, alternating with dark blue tents featuring little mountains. 

Rainbow Theme


Holiday Themes

Christmas Theme

Get in the spirit with Christmas with these Christmas themed teepees. Alternating between red and white tents. 

Halloween theme

Get into the spirit with halloween themed tents.