About Us

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness

Kids Yoga poses are weaved through fun stories/themes, games and songs, encouraging mindfulness.

We offer mobile Kids Yoga and mindfulness programs to schools, Daycare Centres, Kindergartens, Playgroups, Gyms, (Birthday Parties - coming soon)

Healthy bodies – healthy mind – healthy spirits.

Kids yoga is a fun activity to strengthen both the body and mind, improve focus and concentration, calms the mind and teaches stillness. Stretches and strengthens muscles and makes you feel good.

Yoga connects the Mind, our hearts and body. In Kids Yoga, kids will learn breathing techniques specifically for young kids that promote strength, resilience and calm.

Breathing and Mindfulness 

A lifelong tool for managing stress. 

Breathing and Mindfulness helps to reduce anxiety, helps to feel calmer and more relaxed, as well as more alert.  Yoga, aligns the body and mind. When breathing is controlled, fully and deeply we move out of our sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight ) into our parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation and receptivity).  While at the same time increasing lung capacity providing an increase in energy levels and stimulating the body’s release of happy hormones. Kids will feel calm and relaxed and more in control. When kids are more in control, they are calmer and feel more reassured.

Kids will learn how to breathe deeply and mindfully through fun techniques and props for example pin wheels, pom poms, blowing bubbles and animal breathing.